For Translators

Translation for handroll is done on handroll’s Transifex project. All contributions from any language are welcome. The project should be configured to automatically accept requests to join the translation team.

Translators will be added to the AUTHORS list of contributors for contributions of any size (unless you specifically do not want to be listed).

If you have any problems, please feel free to report an issue on Github. If there is a new language that you want to translate for, please file an issue so it can be added (there is a small amount of software setup to make a new language work with handroll).

For Developers

All user interface strings (aside from flag names) should be translated. Strings are wrapped in a conventional way for gettext using the alias _. The gettext method is configured in the handroll.i18n module. Any new code would use that method for strings. For example:

from handroll.i18n import _

translated = _('This string is translated.')

The handroll.pot file is the template that the translators use as the basis for translation. handroll uses Babel to generate the pot file. A new pot file is generated by executing python extract_messages. The updated pot file is automatically synced to Transifex after it is pushed to GitHub.


Download the po files. The mo files are automatically generated with the sdist command.

$ python
$ python sdist